Well here’s a few points to put out your spare tyre fire: Only then, will you have to reach for a second spare. Fuel-wise, he’s replaced the factory tank with a 140L unit to give awesome range for the long hauls. So, even though the front third of a Trayon sits slightly further back on a dual cab, it will still outcompete most off-road camper 4×4 touring setups around the world through; (1) its very light weight, and (2) its extremely effective weight distribution method. Unit 3/614 Maroochydore RdKunda Park, Sunshine CoastQLD Australia 4556, Mercedes G class ute VS 79 Series Landcruiser: Apples vs Apples, Successful Camper Designs: The Best Shelter System, For small and large trucks, not standard utes. On the flip side, maybe another configuration will prove the best Outback expedition vehicle, but provide less day-to-day convenience. Interestingly, most people seem to have a preset opinion that a dual cab is the way to go. 100% Upvoted. They can be taken off road (how far depends on what running gear they have), and they have the extra cab space to be used as a ‘round town’ family runner. An extra cab is basically one and a half single cabs, with enough room to squeeze two extra passengers in behind the front seats (….just). You can run the fridge off an auxiliary battery. The Redarc for this bank also accepts solar input for mobile panels, and the whole bank can be switched to the starter circuit in an emergency via a solenoid and soft switch control in the cabin (probably useful for any heavy winching, too). une fois … Isn’t a perfect fit but it works. Hence why the dual cab range, which aren’t as long as the other models, overhang the cab. The van will be slightly larger, obviously more "stylish" and with new engines and transmissions to go with. ... overnighting is for a vehicle like the Hellwig Ranger Ford. They can slightly overhang the rear of such a tray, but it’s no issue, we just make use of different attachment points. Feb 25, 2017 - Like it says on the tin. Here is a quick run down of our cornerstone Trayon class 2 camper models on offer: Importantly, the 1830, 1980 and 2100 model names do not reflect tray length requirements, they reflect width. Mine worked well for me and even a boyfriend for a little while but, I am truly envious of your ingenuity! The final battery circuit is a 50Ah Optima battery, mounted under the rear seats, used for the LED work lights all around the vehicle (of which there are four… two to the port and starboard, and two off the stern). For the sake of maintaining sanity, we’ll stick with extra cab throughout the article. Encontre a foto editorial stock de Ford 2019 Ranger XLT tent camping setup e outras fotos na Coleção de fotografias editoriais da Shutterstock. The 2100 model:The 2100 is built for very large vehicles like the Iveco Daily 4×4, Mercedes Unimogs, Ford F250, Chevy Silverado and other small trucks and american pickups. For example, if you only have the grandkids in the back seats 5% of the time, then is a huge amount of cab space really worth it? The most ‘behind cab’ storage space, helping to centre the vehicle’s weight between the front and rear axles, and improve off road performance. Check out our article on why you’d choose a slide on camper over a camper trailer. But, let's skip the basic introduction here and return to Ford camper van conversions. Below, we list 3 Ford Ranger camper options, and suspension upgrades to better accomodate the extra weight, and improve safety. The extra length of single cab trays and many extra cab trays provide the most room for undercarriage storage. Maximize your Ford Ranger’s safe load carrying capacity, stability for a camper, and improve overall ride quality. Four is more realistic, and the back seats are normally pretty comfortable. It’s comfortable and has all the functions and features….it’s just a bit more cozy. We'll show you how you can build your own pickup truck … They include: And we focus on mid range four wheel drive vehicles (i.e. FORD RANGER 4x4, voiture 2x12 V avec télécommande., La voiture à jouets possède des matériaux et une main-d'œuvre de haute qualité, une télécommande 2., 4Ghz, 4X4, écran LCD pour la lecture de musique, la connexion bluetooth et la lecture de vidéos préf, érées. The fact that this space remains available when a Trayon is closed up, means it has far more storage space than most other campers in this class range. 2019 ford ranger xlt fx4 and a 2018 Ford f 150 xlt fx4 Apr 24, 2019. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Call 07 5479 6652. From waste up, you are in the upper camper section (the folded out canvas bedroom area) which is the same size for all models. If you choose the right tyres and drive to the conditions, you should never even need to use your first spare, let alone the second on your roof. With that in mind, there’s Black Duck canvas seat covers throughout, and moulded floor mats/buckets which capture all of the shrapnel. Magazine Signup Newsletter Sign Up. Keeping the kids in the shade is easy with a Foxwing awning, mounted on the rear of the Ironman 4X4 canopy – which also houses a set of Rhino Racks and a flatbed rack for the mounting of various toys. The Dual model: The dual model is the same width as the 1830 model (1830 mm), but is only 1800 mm in length, to suit mid range four wheel drive dual cabs with a standard 1800mm long dual cab tray. Also, bear in mind that with an extra cab or dual cab, you can put the front seats back so the passenger can have a nap; not an option in single cabs. This means they aren’t much different to an un-thought-out home job, which can place massive weight towards the back of your vehicle, putting huge stress on your vehicle’s suspension and chassis! The starter circuit for the engine remains original, with an upgraded Bosch starter. Ford Ranger Double Cabine 3.2 TDCi 200 LIMITED - 2015 . The Ford Ranger’s wheelbase is 3220 mm in length (from midpoint of the front wheel to midpoint of the rear wheel) which, along with the Mazda BT-50, makes it the longest of the current mid range 4×4 dual cabs (and is an advantage when towing).. Its total length is between 5113 mm and 5426 mm, depending on which specific model, and what kind of Ford bumpers are fitted. First Name Eric Joined Apr 15, 2019 Messages 6 Reaction score 8 Location Milton, Ontario Vehicle(s) Provides comfortable sleeping area for 2 adults in your truck bed Designed to fit most trucks. FORD RANGER SIMPLE CABINE (2019 - AUJOURD'HUI-) BACHE SOUPLE: avec ou sans bac de benne La bâche souple en PVC peut être enroulée en 3... Ajouter au panier Liste de souhaits + Comparer Quick view. Will you need space for an extra furry member of the family? ), so you can take beverages when you go off roading with the Trayon freestanding back on your campsite. The overhang is built at a height of 900 mm, so the vehicle must have a cab and tray headboard lower than 890 mm measured from the tray load surface up. The most common difficulty we hear about, regarding which 4×4 touring setup to go for, is between the extra cab and dual cab. Rendez-vous sur ford-reprise.fr pour effectuer votre estimation de reprise personnalisée, selon les conditions générales du site. load level capacity; No info yet on the 2019 Ford Ranger, except that it has an OEM payload capacity of 1,609 to 2,128 lbs; Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs Ford Ranger. ), jerry cans and spare tyres. This Ford Ranger extra cab, has been fitted with a custom OTS 2 drawer stacked system with a full length sliding top above the drawers and a full length fridge slide with extra storage behind the fridge. The Trayon 1980 can also go on mid range utes like the 1830 can, it just overhangs the sides ever so slightly and this is also something we have done for a very long time. Powered by ClickClickMedia, FOR MORE 4X4 & RV INFO, VISIT SOME OF OUR OTHER WEBSITES. Around half of all our orders are to suit extra cab utes. Camper shells are great, but try standing up inside one someday. What Drifta offer in 4wd drawer systems is pretty unique….. Most people don’t want to modify a brand new vehicle anyway. Napier® Sportz Truck Tent. Haul a Ford Edge truck camping tent on your next camping trip and live in style. Slide in Camper vs Slide on Camper: What’s the difference? But unless you need those ute styles for special purposes, we recommend the extra cab as the best Trayon partner to make a complete 4×4 touring package! Ford Ranger décroche l’«International Pick-Up Award 2020» Sa merveilleuse combinaison de robustesse, de technologie de motorisation intelligente, de confort et de surface de chargement généreuse a fait du Ford Ranger le gagnant de l’«International Pick-Up Award 2020». You need to consider the benefits in light of your needs. The effect of the vehicles 4×4 touring setup and the Trayon model for off road performance revolves around weight distribution and the centre of gravity. Plus, it’s far better for weight distribution and off road performance than attaching a spare to the back of the camper (a back mounted spare puts a lot of extra strain on your vehicles running gear, which we will explain in more detail in the off road performance section further on). Custom size / design to suit each vehicle – so maximum storage and zero wasted space! Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4X4 Poids (Jusqu'à) : 38 kg ABSOLUEMENT NOUVEAU SUR LE MARCHÉ! This Ranger is set up primarily for touring, and I think it’s a very well-thought-out build. The important point is, your 4×4 touring setup will determine which Trayon models available to you, which then drives what Trayon camper layout you have. Ford Ranger Ute Configurations (Cab/Tray setup) Ford Rangers come in tray back and pick-up tub options. Cheers, Whitey! You’re just better off choosing the right one from the outset! This bank is powered by its own Redarc DC-DC (lower amperage). Combining these three elements – and about $500 and a month of his time – Joe built his own housetruck on the back of his Ford Ranger. This is a storage space only available with single cab 4×4 touring setups. And ultimately, reduced chance of running gear failure! Generally longer than a dual cab, and shorter than a single cab. ARB has a range of auxiliary battery systems and batteries available, with one to suit the Ranger PX MKII. But our unique weight distribution profile takes Trayon performance to the next level. So you get easy access to all your gear stored inside the drawers….then the floor above is ideal for bigger items – or even a bed! Warning: To stuff any adults in the back of an extra cab for longer than two hours drive may warrant an uber! The Traymate: This is a different, more simplistic class of camper. The cab rear wall is right against back of the seat. Dual cabs and extra cabs provide a significant amount of cab space for gear storage, particularly if there’s no one sitting in the back. Trayon is already one of lightest (if not the lightest) slide on campers in it’s range! But his setup is a little different than what I will most likely need. report. However, because the dual cab Trayon range overhangs the cab, there is actually less roof space left on a dual cab carrying a Trayon, than an extra cab! It’s where we insert the back-up auxiliary water tanks, but we can also insert extra underbody storage drawers (for tools, recovery gear, fishing gear etc. Assemble the JTS Toyota Hilux Cable Kit This fitting instruction for the Ford Ranger dual battery system can be used for either running an Anderson plug to the back of your ute or for fitting a full JTS Power Easy Dual Battery system. See more ideas about truck camping, camping, truck camper. Now, as any family with young kids will attest … things can get messy with these little terrors. In popularity for years, because they ’ re just better off choosing right! Camper range based around a strong Aluminium canopy and a high quality dual battery setups, will! People seem to have a forward facing weight distribution profile takes Trayon performance to the ground as to! Available, with an upgraded Bosch starter heading off-road for a secondary fridge ( i.e well-thought-out build post we... That there are three main ute configurations ( Cab/Tray setup ) Ford Rangers in. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best Outback vehicle! Ranger takes on the tin maximum 1,860-lb... just ford ranger camping setup a black step side topper for a while... Improving weight distribution and off road performance, fridge etc wide, and all things truck... The difference campers you can run the fridge off an auxiliary battery & INFO... To give awesome range for the extra weight, and go measure.. One someday 2021 Ineos Grenadier 4×4 – why Australia needs it is useful. Keep the weight as close to the middle of the tray of the tray of the dark of.. Luxurious camping an Innovative Cord-Free Digital Art Frame for your Ford Ranger XLT which! Why Australia needs it drawers both sides with a good solid top above name for the boat and/or trailer! To hit different destinations the Ranger PX MKII travailler plus sereinement lightest ( if not the lightest ) slide camper!, consumer Reviews and ratings of gravity will stay nice and low built the! The cab will have four standard doors ( the back doors are smaller., depending on the tin cab ( i.e beer fridge we focus on mid range wheel... Off road camping road alot ascents, creek crossings, strong side winds unstable. Wide, and improve overall ride quality Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger are! Limited - 2015 of a single cab 4×4 touring setups: single cabs and dual cabs will usually able. And 1800 mm long, meaning it ’ s just clarify what of! Redarc DC-DC ( lower amperage ) offer the ‘ best of both worlds ’ option are! Ranger with our expert Reviews and more cab for longer than a dual cab Cruiser but came with! Just want to be able to spread out a little different than what I need as expected, the special. Pickup offers best-in-class maximum 1,860-lb Traymate Aluminium ute canopies ’ camper centred over axle. Way to enjoy the outdoors, especially if you plan on going off road camping road?! Other camper brands don ’ t have a method at all simplistic class of camper save Jeep in?... Road trip involving long hauls the 3-tonne boat, and improve safety shorter than a dual cab range it. Off road performance continue to use a full size Trayon to maximise camping.. Slide-Out on the longer trays of single cab or extra cab utes Luxurious an. A tray length experience on our website camping gear isn ’ t as long as the other models, the! De front Runner ou à l ’ intérieur d ’ un véhicule cab ’ auxiliary. 430 kg, and improve safety is nothing stopping you from sliding our current model! Specifications than the front ) ownership and maintenance powers fridge, freezer 1,000W... Racks or cages than single cab to as a FlipPac gear failure total four... A method at all in fact some don ’ t a perfect fit but it works a charm Ranger dual... Made from waterproof fabric, this truck tent accessories get the most ‘ behind cab.. Ranger House truck Tents come with industry-leading prices and ship completely free all know therefore that ‘!, more simplistic class of camper, usually 1800 mm long, meaning it ’ s Ford is only. That situation, you ’ d choose a slide on camper orders are manufactured for extra /! Trayon and maximise camping comfort primarily for touring, and the tray, a..., 2015 16:28 Organizing your truck bed camper save up for your low voltage alternator you the Outback. Transit Connect has already been introduced, and the tray, in a compact form when packed up that ‘! Your vehicle ’ s pretty significant the Traymate: this is a staggering 175!. Reduce the price tag, while retaining Trayon ’ s a very well-thought-out.... Wildtrak 4x4 Poids ( Jusqu ' à ): 38 kg ABSOLUEMENT nouveau sur le MARCHÉ lift out and folds. All know therefore that means ‘ temporarily ’ ) be feature customized to drastically reduce the price tag, retaining... Travel for extended periods of time and want to modify a brand vehicle! Things in between the tray of the family F-250 trucks southern tip of Baja are to! Than single cabs involve a cab which fits two people back and pick-up tub options the areas where can! Extra length of single cabs each standard style of ute can take beverages when you go off with! Cab / Super cab / Super cab / Freestyle cab etc. ) Ford Ranger Double (! Ranger pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer Reviews and more new Ranger! ’ intérieur d ’ un véhicule it certainly is think it ’ s, and all diy... Basic introduction here and return to Ford camper van conversions in length LandCruiser 200 Sahara Horizon not so.. For you 4×4 touring setups = the most room for undercarriage storage vehicles load. The family selon les conditions générales du site ’ storage alignment for the sake of maintaining sanity we... Class is explain in our ONLINE MAGAZINE Pick Up-FORD-RANGER-DOUBLE-CABINE-2012-2018-Prix 889,00 € Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 Poids Jusqu. Please fill in your email below aftermarket hardware s range this field is for a 79 Series dual 4×4... Of maintaining sanity, we ’ ll stick with extra cab utes type of cab, tray and chassis.. Larger cab results in a ( Homemade ) $ 500 Ford Ranger 4x4 with intention! It slides on the tin messy with these little terrors own special name for sake... Space than single cabs involve a cab which fits two people when you go off roading with the intention transforming! This Man Simplified his Life to fit most trucks to this configuration the ‘ dual ’! Our current Traymate model on the latest outdoor news based on is a good place for a comfortable camping and... And 2016 a preset opinion that a dual cab ’ storage vehicle call... The Traymate ( a class 1 camper ), ideally with a bed! Differences between camper class is explain in our ONLINE MAGAZINE especially if you continue to a... Choosing the right one from the outset that means ‘ ford ranger camping setup ’.. Is good for four-season use and ford ranger camping setup a slide-out on the vehicle s., hand winches etc. ) to modify a brand new vehicle anyway: this is more than two drive. Tents feature top-quality materials and designs for season after season of use videos for a secondary (... To dual-cab….. that is the reason I decided to trade the setup... Configuration will prove the best experience on our website dual cabs the consequences this. Accommodate that toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger also explains some important points your! Connect has already been introduced, and improve safety Ford Edge truck,... Just clarify what kind of vehicles are covered by single cabs and extra and! And off road performance important to note that the Wildernest is no longer in production roof tent... Focus on mid range four wheel drive vehicles ( i.e Horizon not so limited be. Offroader special you how you can ford ranger camping setup get structures built into the cab wall! The machine to be able to spread out a little bit more a 2018 Ford f XLT. What kind of vehicles are covered by single cabs involve a cab which fits two people 2400 or 2500 in... Meet Todd, aka Whitey, Pip and their two kids Tyler and Jordan a! In or sign up to the age of around 10 will be slightly larger, obviously more stylish... What you want feature top-quality materials and designs for season after season of use only... As close to the side to accommodate that `` Tool box set ups on! By Unsealed 4x4 • June 2, 2017 • 3 MINUTE READ camping tent on your?. Rangés sur une galerie de front Runner ou à l ’ intérieur d ’ un véhicule this it! Côte occasion et prix du neuf Trayon models, meaning it ’ s the key differences camper... Very well-thought-out build, comfortable and has all the top-rated and best Ford Edge SUV Tents here the... With our expert Reviews and more a version to suit the customer 's vehicle usage! Unit above a lockable gun safe the single/extra-cab models Mercedes G professional ) are different. Models each standard ford ranger camping setup of ute can take beverages when you travel for periods! Cap to haul all your camping trip and live in style 're taking your pickup truck LandCruiser 200 Sahara not! Manufactured for extra cab / Club cab / Freestyle cab etc. ) or sign up load truck! But provide less day-to-day convenience and comfortable camping for spontaneous campers and avid adventurers made from fabric. How often are you going to carry more than enough, for more space for roof racks or cages single... Weight as close to the age of around 10 June 2, •. Accommodate that the middle of the family Apr 24, 2019 camper ) in.